Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for July 18, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the July 18, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Cyndi – FL
I can not find the answer to my question anywhere on line. A year ago we purchased a 1973 home with A-LOT of undisclosed problems. We had to replace the AC in the Florida room and it runs constantly. I was up near the vents and it felt like the heater was on( the heat from the roof). There are 5 vents ON THE “ROOF” LEDGE THAT ARE OPEN INTO in the Florida room. On this side of the house there is only one vent on the outside of the house. Can I cover these vents or just keep air conditioning the attic with the air from the Florida room??!!We have a leak at the end of this area. We’ve had a roofer out 3 times $$$, and it is still leaking terribly. My husband fears if I close up these inside Florida room roof vents, it may make mold in the space. I can send a photo if you would like. Please help. This house was our retirement house but has me so disheartened with all we have to deal with. My question can I cover up/patch these inside air vents, and not hurt the attic circulation with just one vent on the outside?

Frank – IN
We bought a home built in 1955 on a slab with radiant heat in the slab. We want to install either a wood or stone flooring but have been getting mixed answers. Use this adhesive with a moisture barrier or this other adhesive that has the moisture barrier built in for wood flooring. But wood flooring adhesives do not do well over radiant heat. Or install stone flooring with latex or epoxy based thin set and no moisture barrier is needed. Several rooms have parquet flooring already, and there is no moisture barrier.

Ray – NJ
We are replacing our Formica kitchen countertop with a granite one, but there is a 3/8” thickness difference. I have read we should either lay 3/8” plywood under the granite to make up the difference or do a backsplash. I’m not sure I’m happy with either of these solutions. What’s your opinion?

Diane – AL
Our pool was leaking under the concrete and the fix left PVC pipes running on top of the concrete around our pool. Is there anything we can do to make it look better?

Melissa – MO
I am wanting to buy my dream home in Virginia, but one side of the house has a sloping floor that exists all the way across the house (front to back) on both the first and second floor. It is noticeable as you are walking that it dips a good inch and a half. There is a finished basement, but there are no cracks in the outside foundation or walls. What are my options going forward with this home? If an inspector or engineer does come out before I buy can they tell anything without busting into some drywall or something? I really don’t want to give up on this home. Help! Thank you!

Julia – NY
We are getting a new vent hood for our stove. It is not vented to the outside and I was wondering if the calculator on your website for CFMS applies the same to re-circulating hoods as it does to those that vent to the outside. If not, how do we calculate which CFM to get?

Lisa – CA
My son’s roommate painted a room in their house with 2 year old paint and it smells horrible! I have since painted over it multiple times (even using primer, Kilz, etc.) but it still stinks. I rented a commercial grade dehumidifier but that didn’t help either. What can I do? Do I have to sand it all down and start over?

Bill – MD
I’m redesigning a garden area and need to move the condensation lines from 2 a/c units in order to do so. How far into the yard can I go and still have proper drainage? I’d like to do a French drain or possible some gravel.


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