Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for January 30, 2016

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Here are some of the highlights from the January 30, 2016, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Walter in VA
The ceilings of our house have been a continuous problem. All of them have been professionally scraped, primed and painted about 2 years ago. The primer and paint were top of the line products.
– All attic insulation has been checked. – – Vapor barrier installed under crawl space.
– Doesn’t always peel in same spot.
– No problem in some of the rooms.
– Neighbor houses build by same builder do not have the problem.
– No water in crawl space.
– Have not tried using a moisture meter yet.
– Installed air vents in facia boards
Is it possible to install new drywall on top of existing (on ceiling) or would that create another problem?

Connie in CA
I have ceramic tile in the kitchen but I don’t want it removed because it’s over 50 years old. I want to install a floating floor. How do I install it on my own?

Jake in VA
We have an addition on the back of our home that is raised roughly 4-5 feet from the ground. The floor on the addition gets really cold in the winter. I’d like to completely enclose it and put a foundation vent in, like mentioned. However, our air conditioning unit is under this space and the exhaust from our washer/dryer is under it too. Can I still completely close off the space and use a foundation vent, or should I worry about pressure, moisture, or consider anything else?

Eve in CO
We have an old brick fireplace that is too tall & wide for our small space. Is there a way to make this smaller? What is behind the brick? Sheetrock? Or does brick fill open space? Will there be any dust issues? Would you consider this a homeowner’s project or pro?

Larry in IA
I was putting some white brick on the wall behind my stove and I’m not sure how to notch it around the electrical outlets and switches.

Rich in PA
The chain has pulled away from the light fixture on our ceiling fan. Can this be repaired?

Rick in CT
I have a customer that has an attic venting issue, I am desperate to get in taken care of but not sure what the correct action is. The soffits are vented, as well as a ridge vent, however the air in the attic is stagnant and caused extreme growth of some kind. The bathroom vents were vented into that space until 1998 but have since been moved into the soffits which seems counter-productive to me because they could possibly vent directly back into the attic. I am capable of mitigating the mold in the space but want to ensure this situation doesn’t arise again.

Tony in GA
We have a garden window. When it rains we get water inside the window. Nothing runs down the sides but there is always a little puddle in the bottom. I can’t figure it out.

Dustin in IA
When we moved into our home there were carpets all over we removed the carpet and padding and found hardwood floors underneath and everywhere that there was glue or animal urine is now bleached white is there anything we can do to save the floor or do we need to replace it?

Edmond in OK
I need to replace the 2X4 bottom of a window sill. How easy is this to be done?

Paula in FL
In the winter time i have cracks where the walls meet the ceilings. all over the house. it seems that when they put the drywall up they didn’t tape these and put drywall compound up all over the walls & the ceilings without taping it first. Now there is cracks in every room in the house. I try to fix it in one room with more dry wall compound in my hallway but now that is cracking too. What can i do to fix this problem once & for all?

Lee in FL
Can I replace my two 15W CFL in my ceiling fan to a higher wattage?

Gail in NM
I want to install ceramic tile in the bedroom. The foundation is concrete slab. /for one outside wall, the concrete ends about 1 inch from the wall. The builders put down some sort of filler (not concrete) for this large gap. Do I need to fill the gap with concrete before laying the tile?

Tony in S. Africa
Can one lay ceramic tiles over Parquet flooring, and if so, what preparation is required to do?

Darlene in NV
The discharge hose for my washing machine had some sort of problem and the water emptied into the wall cavity, seeping under the wall and into the bathroom. How can I find out if I now have mold growing inside my wall?

Joy in FL
How do you remove incense smell from vanity? It could be particle board or MDF. I primed and painted it and still smells.


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