Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for January 17, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the January 17, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Sandy in FL
What are the pros & cons of an open back bathroom vanity? It seems that most reasonably priced cabinets have open backs. Will they fit flush against the wall? Thank you.

Bill in MI
I had a steel roof installed and was guaranteed that snow wouldn’t back up and it wouldn’t leak. Both of those are happening and the roof installer won’t call me back. Who do I call? The police? The insurance company? The BBB?

Steven in Ontario
My range hood vents directly outside. In other words there is a hole in my kitchen with a fan in front of it. I remove the filter and cover with plexiglass, however the entire tin range hood is cold and ice does form. How do I winterize by range hood? Thank you

Alex in AL
I am renovating a house in the deep south and already know I’ll have humidity problems. What can do I do under the house and in the attic to help prevent it?

Kathryn in LA
What type of windows do you recommend? I heard you say they are moving away from aluminum clad due to the condensation problem…..I would die if I paid so much for double paned insulated windows then had issues.

Bill in SD
3-4 years ago, we discussed the issue of my squeaky floors. The solution was to run a bead of adhesive at the joist-subfloor point. This worked for several years but the problem is back. Would running another bead and then nailing in a 1X4 be a more permanent solution?

Anthony in NY
In a raised ranch, when you insulate the floor between the upper heated level and the lower unfinished level (which could potentially become a finished area) does the vapor barrier still face the upper heated living area?

Kay in IL
I heard you talk briefly about steam cleaners and their ability to remove grease.
What kind would be good for a painted wall?

Pamela in FL
I have the rounded terra cotta flooring in my enclosed sun room. I hate the color it looks so out of date. Is it possible to lay wood over the entire surface. The existing flooring has been there for years. Please help.

Pamela in AZ
The person who owned this before us used ugly stick on linoleum tile in one part of my laundry cabinet. I have been trying to get it off for three years. I tried goo be gone and got some of it off, then used a scraper and got some more of it off, but it’s still sticky and I can’t use it. Who would I call to fix this problem for me….a handyman?

Mary Lynn in FL
I want to install a ceiling fan in my great room but not sure where to locate it because of my ceiling registers. If I center it, one of the vents will be very close to the base of the fan. Does that create a problem?

Margaret in AL
You made it look so easy cleaning between the glass in the oven door. My husband & I tried it this morning but we couldn’t get it to work. What did u use on the end of the wire? This has bothered me for so long I could hardly believe someone was showing how to clean it without taking the door apart.

Al in MA
I’m going away for the weekend and the temp will be well below freezing. Should I shut off the water at the main and drain the pipes or let the water drip?


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