Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for January 16, 2016

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Here are some of the highlights from the January 16, 2016, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Ann in TN
I have a metal roof that is leaking. The roofer says it’s happening at the seams, but wants to put a whole new roof on. Is there anything else I can try first?

Joe in GA
I see a lot of videos on cleaning mold from shingles, but none on rust/soot stains. What can I use to clean that off?

Artie in NY
Our house was built in 1951 and the cement walls are peeling and have a lot of white powder on them. We want to finish the walls. What should we use?

Sandy in MI
I need several of my kitchen tiles replace but unfortunately I can’t find matching tiles and any extras we had have been used. My floor guy suggested we make some kind of random pattern with a complimentary tile as it’s quite a large area and 90 % of the tiles are fine. Do you have any suggestions or pictures that would show a random pattern that would look ok?

Billy in LA
I have a new roof, gable vents and a ridge vent. I want to make sure I have enough soffit vents, but not sure how I determine the amount?

Michael in OK
I noticed, under our whirlpool tub, the floor (concrete slab) is unfinished where the drainage pipes are located. Is this normal and why?

Mary in AL
Several years ago I noticed that several of the ceiling vents for AC / heat have mildew growing on the ceiling from beneath the rim of the vents. I have had a painter clean, Kilz, paint and seal the area between the vents and the ceiling. But I am beginning to see mildew creep back out around the registers again. I would certainly appreciate any advise on what I could do or what type of specialist could tackle this once and for all.

Arletta in MO
We have cracks and missing pieces on the stucco outside of our home. This is a very old house and we have tried to do any of the remodeling ourselves, but the cracks are getting worse. Can you help by telling us what we need to do to make this repair?

No Name in FL
I wanted to change the direction of the ceiling fan rotation as you suggested, but can’t find out how to do this. Do all fans change directions or do I just have a very old fan?

Cindy in OH
I was wondering if you can paint over old plastic tile and how do I do this if it can be painted?

Lori in WI
I have three outlets in the kitchen above the counter tops that do not work, one in the middle works but. is there anything I can do first before calling an electrician?

Martha in SC
A few years ago I had veneer floating floors installed in all rooms except the kitchen. My house is small but the hallway joins the living room and the flooring was installed lengthwise. So lines of flooring run from the living room wall across the living room flooring and continue down the hallway. A couple of the boards are bulging up. I’m concerned that they will pop out of the board beside them. I have put weights on them hoping the weight them down enough that they would flatten back out, but it doesn’t stay. When I move whatever is weighting it down is bows again. I’m pretty sure the line is just too long. However the only way to change that is remove the entire flooring. I’ve thought about screwing those boards down, but I’m not sure what or how to do it. What would you suggest I do. I’m setting over stacks of things weighting down this flooring in my hallway, and it is VERY inconvenient, and hurst like the dickins if it’s dark and you forget to step over them!! Help, please.

Telford in AL
I have a House that was built in the late 60’s and I want to know how to “Stop” the saw dust from my Kitchen Cabinet Drawers???? I have had this problem for the last 21 years and would like to know how to stop it.

Tim in NM
Here’s my problem…I lost one of the MOUNTING metal pieces to the towel rack I wanted to mount.(2 1/8″ by 1″ old bracket) I’ve checked Home Depot and Lowe’s neither one has any usable mounting brackets. No name on towel bar or the one remaining bracket. Does this mean I have to buy a whole new rack? Or do you have any place else to check or what else can I use?

Larry in FL
I have large screened lanai and squirrels crawl on it. I might try the pepper spray but I have cats on the lanai. Will this affect them in anyway?

Gwen in VA
Will installing a radiant heat floor on a concrete slab foundation cause condensation in between the surfaces?


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