Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for January 10, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the January 10, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Kim in SC
My fiancé lives in a house with the square vents around the bottom of the house. How do we insulate those vents to winterize the crawlspace?

Joseph in MI
I have a microwave over my oven and it has a vent fan. It draws some stuff in it, however you can feel air coming out the top of the unit, is this because it’s not vented to the outside properly?

Pat in OK
My windows are sweating inside and it’s causing mold to grow, too. What can I do?

Carrie in AL
I built a new home a year ago and already see issues from day one. Like my back door has been replaced once and that was 3 months ago and I already see the same issues again. The warranty on home is 1 year and that is up. I have never seen an exterior door that you have to wipe it off to dry it that is what the contractor is telling me I need to do each time it rains. I think it is a drainage issue with the roof or needing gutters to keep the splatter down.

Janice in MS
I have to have some roof repairs but only in a few spots. Should I just repair those few spots or should I re-shingle everything?

Maxine in WA
My floor wasn’t finished properly & has embedded hand & footprints along with deep gouges & scratches. The flooring was covered during our home inspection & therefore not seen. I was told the complete house would have to be redone. The problem is mainly in living & dining room areas. I’ve tried rejuvenating product but it didn’t work.

Barbara in CA
I live in Southern California, but believe it or not, we’re expecting a hard freeze the next few days. I have a 12’ rubber tree plant in a pot. It’s too big to bring inside, but I don’t want the cold to kill it. What can I do?

Louie in NM
I installed floor tile on my bathroom shower floor, but the tile did not come out flat so now I have low spots on the floor. What is an easy way to repair my shower floor?

Tony in DE
I’ve got a bathroom and I want to re-coat the tub. Is there a product that I can do this work myself? I also want to rip out the plastic that surrounds the tub. What would be the best thing to put in its place?

Tina in CO
If my heater vents are located at the ceiling height does the same rule apply for ceiling fan directions?

Paul in AL
I recently built a workshop sitting on a concrete slab, but the slab is sweating, even though I have a vapor barrier underneath. What can I do?

Willie in GA
Do you think it’s best to use nails or screws to build a deck?

Flo in MD
My house is extremely cold in spite of the heat working. I have gas heat. What could be the cause? It is a brick house built in the 80’s or early 90’s.

No Name
My water meter sounds like it’s running even when I have it turned off at the house. How can I make sure there isn’t a leak?

Marilyn in MO
On this week’s television show the lady was cleaning the grout on her tile floor. How did she do this? I have a marble floor, but the grout has never been sealed and needs cleaned.


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