Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for February 7, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the February 7, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Vanessa in NC
I want to replace the roof on my home and right now the color is a light grey. Wanted to know what was the best brand and color to put on the roof that will last and not discolor or shed too fast or not show weather stains as much as this one does right now. The outside is reddish/brown brick. I would really appreciate your input.

Ann in VA
I used plastic wall anchors to put up a shelf in my kitchen. It required 2 anchors per metal brace and I used 3 braces. The top screw on each brace didn’t tighten. I put a washer between the brace and wall and put the screw through the washer. It still would not tighten. What should I do now? I would like to store some cookbooks on this shelf.

Liz in CO
In our garage in Colorado, we have pipes that run from the main part of the house to a master bedroom built above the garage. They are well insulated in a special box the contractor built to protect them, but we still get concerned about the pipes freezing. Is there some kind of heat tape we could put on the bottom the box on the ceiling to supply additional heat. (we were thinking along the lines of the kind of heat system you put under tiles in the bathroom to keep it warm. At this point, we run a small heater, but it is expensive to run it and we don;t need to heat the whole garage.

Brenda in OH
How can I lighten up the DARK brown closet and interior doors in my 35 year old home – other than buying new ones? Help, please. They are UGLY!

Patty in IA
My home was built about 2007. Every single year on my north wall my counter top caulking separates from the wall leaving a gap! This happens in my kitchen and my bathroom. I have someone re-caulk but it seems to pull away during our cold winters. Can I do something to fix this for good?

Dawn in KS
How can I remove sand texture from walls without having to sand?

Jim in WI
When you move furniture how do you get the crushed carpet under the feet to come back up?

Tammy in GA
I’m considering repainting my 80s cabinets. I’ll create a paint booth in my garage with plastic sheeting. I plan to use a MaxForce paint sprayer and will probably use Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation paint/bonding agent. (Other projects will be done using latex, etc.) Do I need to worry about flammable paint vapors? My house is total electric, there are no flames.

Liz in NV
I want to repair cracks and match existing dimpled texture. Any tips?

Stella in NC
One of my bedrooms was painted with oil based paint and it has little cracks/fractures all over the walls. After searching your website, it sounds like it was painted without first applying a primer. Anyway, what steps should I take to fix this problem?

Rose in LA
I recently painted my kitchen cabinets and added new hardware. It looks great. I did not want to replace the old back splash. Is there anything that I can put over the old tile to update my kitchen without the mess of tearing down the old tile?

James in KY
I’m going to insulate interior walls behind custom tiled shower mostly for sound proofing but was wondering if I should leave paper vapor barrier on insulation or take it off? If I take it off should I use plastic barrier to cover entire wall before putting up backer board for tile?

Bill in IA
I have an older home with a walk in attic. How can I increase the attic insulation short of taking up the flooring?

Victor in NM
I have a 6 x 8 x 8 Morgan Building shed that I need to move to the other side of the house. It is wood with a metal roof and wood floor. Can this be taken apart in sections or do I need to hire a crane service to move it as another possible option? It is over 20 years old but still in great shape. And it cost only $400 but a new Tuff Shed today of this size would cost five times that amount!! Ouch!!! Any comments, please let me know and thanks!

Tom in NY
I need to remove an upper kitchen cabinet (Formica). I see where the cabinet is attached by screws to the cabinet to the right and left of it. I can’t see the screws that attach the cabinet to the back wall. Do you think the cabinet was installed and then the back panel was forced in. This has me baffled. Thank you for any help you can offer.

Mike in WA
House built 1952. No insulation in walls. I know lead paint is an issues. I assume the plaster has some Asbestos. Rather than cutting holes in all the inside walls I thought I would add a secondary wall and insulate and add more electrical outlets at the same time. Not sure what type of insulation and concerned for sweating and mold issues. If I use metal studs or wood. Half inch drywall or the standard 5/8 inch for better fire rating. Help??

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