Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for February 6, 2016

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Here are some of the highlights from the February 6, 2016, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Kay in SC
How can I clean my concrete driveway (except power washing). The excessive rain we’ve had has left it looking like black mildew. After I get the driveway clean is there a way to “seal” with something that would dry clear (not paint)?

Cindy in AL
I have a situation at home that scares me, and I don’t know who to call to help with it. My house in Fairhope was built around 1968. When I vacuum the carpet, I can feel electricity come up through my arm. Does that mean that something is wrong with the wiring in my home? Please help!

Frank in LA
I am renovating a home for our retirement, yep age creeps up on us. One area of concern is a closet with the colliding and competing doors. My solution is to install a pocket door into the closet opening. Naturally, I have gone to my two sources, you and Home Depot. HD has a retrofit hardware kit to use a door with a pre-drilled lock set. Okay, that takes care of that problem but what about the hinge area? My thought, if I repair the hinge area and use that edge of the door for recessing into the wall, will that work? The top connections to suspend the door is my next concern as I have not found how they attach and if it will be a problem.

Bobby in AL
I bought a house with a sun room and discovered the overhang attached to the sun room is open to the attic, which leaves it to the elements. I need to remove the vinyl and seal it from the attic, what do you think the best way to seal it off would be?

Kevin in CA
Is there a way for me to keep MULCH in my yard and from blowing in my neighbor’s driveway, especially when wind and-or rain comes knocking.

Carl in SC
I am changing my bathroom exhaust fan with another that has a moisture sensor. Is there a way to install it so people cannot accidentally bypass it by mindlessly switching it off at the wall?

Bob in WI
If you cannot locate the wall stud behind tile to drill a wood screw in, what is the best anchor to use in its place?

Mimoza in IL
Is it ok if I’m adding insulation in my attic over my electrical wires?

Shirley in IN
I moved cabinets in my kitchen, giving me a counter top edge with no Formica. How can I remove the Formica from the edge that is now against a wall and put it on the exposed edge?

Bernice in MN
My son bought a 5 yr old home in December 2015. It has beautiful glossy cherry wood flooring throughout the house. Viewing the house before purchase they looked flawless. Moving into the home void of furnishing revealed a sun bleached floor. It was obvious where the pieces of furniture stood in the great room area that has windows on the south and east side of the home. Is there a quick fix or do these floors need to be stripped and refinished?

Daniel in NY
Recently I replaced my old attic insulation which was brittle and dry. The R value was low… Prob about 13. I removed the old insulation and added unfaced R30. I’ve recently learned that I should have used insulation with a vapor barrier. Will using an unfaced insulation cause problems?

Steve in AL
I recently replaced my a/c and the new thermostat is horizontal instead of vertical like the old one. This left me with a spot that needs repair on a wall that was sponge-painted. How can I match the colors? I don’t have any of the old paint.

Jack in MO
What kind of glue would I use with engineered wood over tile?

Kathy in MI
Can pavers be installed over asphalt if we first put 3 inches of dirt and 3 inches of good topsoil?


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