Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for February 28, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the February 28, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Mary in IL
I would like to close up a fireplace. It takes up valuable space, & we never use it. I only want to do the inside, can this be done? Is there anything we should do to the wall we cover it with?

Jim in PA
I need to replace an outlet. The top plug of the outlet is always “hot,” while the bottom plug is controlled by a switch. How do I replace an outlet of this type?

Lisa Marie in NM
I have pink washed Saltillo tile flooring. I believe it sits in concrete with radiant heat underneath that. It has half inch grout lines and some small cracks. Is it possible to lay a floating wood floor over it? Any advice or options I’d much appreciate!

Bobby in AL
I have an exterior door on a deck facing east. I am having a problem with water coming in. I want to know should the door swing in or out on the deck and what kind of threshold and other things I need to know about solving this problem.

Carol in AR
I want to use latex paint over previously stained and varnished cabinets. I have sanded off most of the finish down to bare wood, but the cabinet has a lot of detail and dental trim. Must I remove every bit of stain and varnish before using a latex primer?

Rico in CA
Can I use a waterproof cement backer board on the bathroom subflooring?

Patti in NC
I pulled up old carpet in a 1960’s house. It has hard tiles on it that pops into pieces when I try to pull nails out. The under pad for the carpet was nailed down. I have many nails that I must get out but do not want to continue busting up these tiles because I do not know what they are made of. I am wondering if I cut the nail heads off at the floor and lay 12 x 12 self-stick vinyl tiles down, will the nails come through the new vinyl tiles some day or will they stay stuck there as hard as they are now. They are very hard to get out. I even sprayed them with liquid wrench to try to get them to come out easier.

Pat in TN
We have a storage area running under our front porch which is accessible from inside only. The “ceiling” for this area is wavy metal. When it gets very cold, this freezes and will start dripping!! Is there anything I can do about this?

Zelia in AL
How does the spray on foam insulation hold up in the south? I worry about mold.

Diane in MI
I have some old grass type wall paper in my family room. I would like to take it down. I don’t know what kind of stuff to use as you might have a home solution to put on it to remove it.

Tony in OH
We have a home that has vinyl siding on it and it has some kind of “chalky” residue on it. Do you have any recommendations on how to clean this?

Jeff in PA
About 12 years ago I had the bathroom remodeled and wanted to install a fan. The contractor didn’t want to go through the wall or the third floor storage space with a vent so he offered a new vent-free fan. Did I get taken on this and as a result not want to lift up the plywood in the storage space and see what kind of damage has been done?

Mary in AL
Has painting a wall using the “W” been replaced with painting 2′ vertical stripes? If so, why?


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