Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for February 27, 2016

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Here are some of the highlights from the February 27, 2016, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Becky in MS
We want to use the oak trees on our property to make hardwood flooring. How long should they be seasoned and what kind of finish is best for oak floors?

Scott in MO
I plan on replacing my existing bath fan in my master bath. The master bath is on the front of the house and the house has a hip roof. The existing fan is not vented, can I run a vent to the rear side of the house through the attic, which is probably 25 to 30 feet. Could I tee it into the existing roof vent cap?

Corinne in GA
Is it okay to pour a foundation for a new addition and let it sit for up to 6 months before framing and covering it up?

Marco in PA
I’m in a condo and need to exhaust the kitchen hood by going in the ceiling, perpendicular through the return air duct work and out the back wall. Should I:
1 – Insulate the exhaust pipe going through the return air duct work?
2 – Seal the entry and exit points around the pipe?
3 – What’s the best material to use for this project?

I’d like to know when is the best time of the year to refinish hardwood floors?

Roger in IA
I have painted my cupboards with a latex satin finish. It is too flat for me. Is there a product that I can put on to make it like a semi -gloss finish without repainting them?

Christie in UT
Our roof has a long slope and we didn’t put in gutters because of the serious water flow would knock them off. But now we get giant icicles and one about 6 inches in diameter broke off and went through a basement window. What kind of barrier can we build to keep the ice out and not look like we are gearing up for an onslaught?

Linda Sue in NY
My contractor that did my tiles in my bathroom got grout all over my new bath tub which is acrylic I have tried soaking with vinegar which is helping but do you have any ideas?

What is your opinion of the Dura-Ceramic tile versus the regular ceramic?

Bob in MA
Can 3/4″ Home Advantage wafer board be used as an underlayment?

Rory in SC
I live in a 25 year old house with large cast aluminum white columns -2 story- on the front(picture Tara from Gone with the Wind). They are in need of a good cleaning and a repainting….what would you recommend I clean them with? Do I need to prime them? What kind of paint do I use? and finally, I don’t have a sprayer, so can I paint them with a brush?

Vanessa in NJ
I want to insulate my garage ceiling. There’s living space above it. Is it correct that the paper on the insulation should be facing the living space or should I be using unfaced insulation?

Jeff in IL
The handle to the flip drain in my tub has rusted and I do not use it for fear of it breaking and the drain is not working anymore. I have “nursed” this for years. How do I fix this without tearing into the wall? It is a one-piece unit with no access behind where the pipes are.

I had a carpenter put on a laundry room addition to the house, but he failed to install any flashing and now I have leaks running into the room. Do I have to tear off the whole addition to put on the flashing?

Pamela in AL
The seams on our kitchen vinyl floor are lifting. Is there a way to repair these or do we need to replace the floor?

I’ve seen the brick backsplashes and really like the way they look, but how would you clean the brick?

Dominick in NC
We have spiders and webs everywhere on the exterior of our home: Doorways, corners, etc. It looks like the webs extend from the trees to our home, cars, deck, etc. I saw a spray on one of your shows but didn’t write it down. Help!

I want to put up knotty pine v-groove on the ceiling. Do I coat both sides with polyurethane?

Pam in IL
We are trying to save 6 discontinued tiles to replace.We got them out ok but they pulled up old vinyl tile with the thinset sandwiched between the ceramic and vinyl. I have read that using muriatic acid would remove the old mortar but how do you remove the old vinyl first? Would the muriatic acid dissolve the vinyl as well? If so would you have to soak them? These are 16x 16″ tiles. If so, what could be used that would be big enough to soak them in?

Bart in FL
I have Kitchen cabinets that have been collecting dust and soot for years. I need to clean them and wanted to know if the baseboard cleaning method using fabric softener would work or is there an easier faster cleaning method?



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