Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for February 20, 2016

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Here are some of the highlights from the February 20, 2016, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Larry in IL
I put a metal roof over our deck last spring the metal sheeting is fastened to the rafters, my problem is that as it got colder condensation forms under the metal as the sun beats down on it. We don’t heat the deck and it is not enclosed, so what can I do to stop this? I was going to put a ceiling in but I don’t know if it will still form condensation and leak on the back side of the ceiling. I went to my local home improvement store and they suggested I staple plastic up before the ceiling and hope that if it does leak it will stay on the plastic and dry. HELP I don’t know what to do!!!

I have shotgun fungus all over my vinyl siding. How do I remove this and is there a way to make sure it doesn’t come back?

Carol in AL
I have always love to do home improvements in the past years, but I am 83 now and have to slow down a bit. I have a problem with my kitchen cupboards. I bought this house 15years ago. It was bought to flip and totally renovated when I bought it. I love my house but now the kitchen cupboards are chipping off and I really can’t afford to replace them.

Garrett in VA
Would there be any mold or moisture issue if I have the tile floor over the crawl space retiled using Ditra Heat (made by Schluter) — basically it would involve laying down a plastic vapor barrier on the plywood subfloor and incorporating heating wires in the thinset and laying tile on top. My concern is the warmth in the subfloor causing moisture in the enclosed crawlspace since the crawl space is cooler in temperature.

Libby in AL
We have triple pane windows that obviously have had the seal broken as there is something growing between the panes, which is obscuring the view.
Is there any way to clean this? These are the armor theft resistant, weather resistant vinyl windows.

Steve in AL
I saw the show where you were using the vinyl laminate flooring for your beach condo. I am about to remove all carpet in our upstairs bedrooms and hallway. Will that glue down laminate work well on wood subfloor on a second story and what exactly do I ask for ?

Martin in OH
I have carpet on my steps now, I would like to remove carpet and cover steps with oak. The tread piece has a lip on it. Do I have to saw the lip off before I install the oak tread and riser?

Kathy in LA
How do I control/eliminate Moisture under my 1947 Raised House…should I put Insulation under the floor AND put the 6 mil plastic sheeting down? I have lattice work all around my house so air can flow through but obviously it’s not good enough because I am now replacing my hardwood floors again!!

Jerry in AL
I have Chicago Split Brick flooring and need to put another finish on it. We have lived in the home for 17 years and the floor has the original finish on it. I would like to know what finish and how to prep and apply.

Dan in PA
Our helper around the house washed a new untreated oak door with water. The panels slightly warped and cracked. How can I repair this on more than 1 door?

Vanessa in TX
I have a huge entertainment center that is a very light oak stained veneer and I want to stain it darker to match the rest of my furniture. How do I know if I can sand it down and re-stain it or will it mess it up?

Phyllis in GA
We have a never ending issue with mold growing on the caulk where the walls meet the floor of the walk in shower. We have tried shower wet and forget, scrubbing bubbles ,etc. Nothing seems to work. Is there a caulk on the market that will not get moldy?

Ben in OK
My house has a stone carport built onto the house. The previous owners started walling the side and back off for privacy, but didn’t complete the job. I plan on using vinyl siding and house wrap to cover the framed plywood. My question is, what would be a good waterproofing material to use where the wooden framed walls meet to stone and mortar half walls. I don’t want water to get behind the vinyl because there will be a 3 to 4 inch lip of masonry wall that it sits on. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Clint in VA
I have a question about my heat in our home. The heat pump is a Nutone its approx. 3 years old. The thermostat is set on 66 degrees. As the heat is running it turns off and the immediately back on. This seems to happen when its colder outside more frequently but also occurs on a normal winter day. We researched but can’t find any information online.

Pat in WV
I have golden oak woodwork thru out my home, baseboards and flooring. I don’t want to paint the oak. I would like to add some crown molding in the bedrooms. I am unsure what I should use? Should I paint the molding to match the wall color or the ceilings?


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