Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for February 14, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the February 14, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Debbie in MI
I am trying to repair cracks that have formed in knotty pine on the interior walls of my home. In the past I used caulk and I waited for it to dry, then I painted over it. Due to the house settling, I am assuming it always cracks again. Is there a product I can fill the cracks with that will not crack and I can paint over?

Judy in MN
A long time ago you mixed up a solution to put on wallpaper to make it easier to remove. Could you please tell me what it was as I have a couple of rooms of wallpaper to remove.

Bob in AL
Is there a fire safety concern when installing blown insulation over standard can lights that may not have full metal covers that will come into contact with the new insulation?

Buddy in GA
Can you install 3 separate wireless doorbells on a multi-unit building without frequencies getting crossed?

Ken in IL
I want to install insulation along the rim joists between the basement and living space above. Do I put the paper side of the insulation facing the outside or in toward the basement? And, should I even be using faced or should it be unfaced?

John in FL
If I’m laying tile over tile in a shower, can this be done without any kind of water problems?

Mary in AL
How do you remove wall anchors, the plastic round pound in type?

Lenzie in AL
I have cold air from outside coming into my house around the dryer vent. Any suggestions to stop this?

Danielle in MI
I have Formica counter tops with a metal piece in between counter top and back wall. Should I remove this…caulk over it…or just paint over this?

Doug in MN
How do you fix your walls when the dry wall tape begins to peal without re-doing the entire wall?

Martha in AL
We have an older brick home. Today we ripped up the floor that the previous owners had installed and underneath is concrete floors all through the house. I actually like the idea of concrete floors, as I am not a fan of carpet and am not wanting to invest in hardwood right now (on a budget), I’m just unsure how to remove the old glue that is in top of the concrete.

Zach in ME
I have concrete ceilings. They are 3′ wide slabs placed next to one another. We had some issues with leaks in the past that have been since repaired. However, I’ll need to re-caulk the joints since some of the caulking has fallen out. Can someone recommend a concrete caulk that is paint-able?

Steve in OH
I like the show and find myself rolling over to see it every Saturday morning. I do remodel work and home repair as a self-employed owner. I find that metal exhaust pipe through open air attics a condensation problem in the winter. Do you have any solutions?

Dev in CA
I had a chimney leak fixed few years back. Last weekend the rains brought the leak back in the form of a small drip in front of opening. I remember a few years back the mortar was chipped around the chimney and flashing was installed. Should it just be re-caulked or redone completely? Should I call chimney specialist or roofer to correct the problem?

Felicia in NC
Can I change the color of my grout on my floor?

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