Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Feb. 10, 2018

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Simple Solutions

Control Trashcan Odors – Try these simple solutions to help control kitchen trashcan odors. First, line the bottom of the trashcan with one or two newspaper sections. Then, each time you put a new plastic trash bag into the trashcan, place more newspaper into the bag, then tape a scented dryer sheet to the inside of the bag, near the top of the can. The newspaper in the bag will absorb smelling liquids, and the newspaper in the bottom of the can will do the same, should the bag get punctured. And the scented dryer sheet will make the entire trashcan smell fresh for up to two weeks.

Dust Catcher Tip – When cutting holes in drywall, make a simple newspaper trough to catch the dust. Use painter’s tape to adhere a full sheet of newspaper to the wall directly below where you plan to cut the hole. Then, lift the newspaper sheet to form a U-shaped trough, and secure the corners to the walls with two long strips of tape. Now, as you cut the hole, the dust will drop down into the newspaper. When you’re done, simply peel off the tape, fold up the newspaper, and toss it out-dust and all.

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Roger in DE
We have a master bath over our 2-car garage and it has ceramic flooring. We are tired of the constant cold on our feet. Can you suggest a flooring to make area more comfortable?

Suzi in KS
Could you provide some advice on how to revitalize solar powered landscape lights? The replacement batteries are expensive and their effect on the environment is not good. With that in mind, would an electrically powered set be a better choice?

Nikki in WA
I have slate floors in my kitchen and hallway. They get extremely dirty and are very hard to clean. Is there something I can do to do more than just seal the stone but have a finish that’s easy to keep clean?

Tonya in AL
Me and my husband tore our main bathroom and behind it we found some mold that was growing on the insulation and the wood and everything. We pulled everything out and gutted it all the way to the studs and we sprayed some good bleach on it. I was wondering if there’s anything else we can do to prevent it from growing back before we start to put insulation and drywall in.

Vivian in VA
Our master bathroom has a large mirror glued to the wall, which I like because it makes the bathroom look bigger. But I want to put two storage cabinets on that wall. Is there any way to attach the cabinets directly to the mirror? Or, can we cut rectangular holes in the mirror to the size of the cabinets? Please help!

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Christine in CA
I thought I had tile squares in my bathroom shower, but after cleaning it with bleach for the past couple of years it’s started to peel. Does this mean they’re not tile? What can it be and what can I use to cover and seal it?

Rita in IL
I have a family room that has crown molding in it and every winter I get these cracks where the crown molding joins the ceiling. I have crown molding in the rest of my house and that never ever happens. It was a flat roof and a high roof was put over it. Is it improper insulation, was the crown molding improperly installed? Just…help me out please. I’m just sick of… every year it’s an annual repair!

Sandy in AR
We had a 2nd floor hot water tank burst and are in the midst of restoring the kitchen floor downstairs that was ruined with the water. The house was built in 1979. After they installed the new 3/4″particle board, without any other subflooring or vinyl planking that is to go over the particle board, the fridge no longer slides under the cabinet! No one seems to have the answer. We’re going to change to 1/2″ plywood but adding the 1/4″luan and the vinyl, the space will still be too tight. Can’t move the cabinets or sand off enough to make a difference. Now what??

Jeanie in AL
We live in an old house and every winter, I battle mildew that forms on the inside of outer facing walls, just above the baseboards. Is there any way I can protect against this?

Lori in TX
I hired a painter to paint a room, and he used a sprayer. But, he sprayed on too many coats without letting each coat dry in between. Now the paint looks all crackly. Can I just prime over it and repaint, or must I sand it down first? The paint isn’t peeling or chipping, but the surface is crackled.

Karen in WA
This may seem like an odd question, but how can I safely remove bird droppings from our asphalt-shingle roof without damaging the shingles?

Meg in NV
Our roof is leaking somewhere around our rooftop A/C unit. Where could the water be coming in, and how can I find and fix the leak?


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