Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for December 5, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the December 5, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Nancy in VA
We will be moving into a home with a sun room that appears to have just a portable heater. I’m wondering if it would be workable to add radiant heat under our new flooring in that room so we can use it during cooler weather as well. We probably wouldn’t want to leave the heat on there all the time, but would like to be able to turn it on when we’re having a group over to use it as overflow space. Any suggestions?

Christy in LA
I have wood front doors and my dogs seem to keep tearing up the weather stripping. I saw your Video that was very helpful for my back door just lost on how to protect my front door?

Daryl in SC
How do I install speaker wire thru an existing 18 ft high wall from another room? I want to go thru the attic and to about 2 ft from the floor. My home is on a slab.

Bill in AL
I have recessed lights and in the attic, the insulation is three inches away from all the fixtures. Is this causing an energy loss and how much of one?

Chris in PA
I put electric floor warming mats in my bathroom and thinset and tiled right over it. Three tiles I must not have gotten enough thinset under and they did not stick. ( they were hollow underneath) I cannot scrape up the thinset to reapply because the wire is in it. Is it ok to put the tiles back down with ceramic tile glue?

Hendrickson in OR
Our ceiling fan apparently has a speed switch on it that isn’t working correctly–it is supposed to be 3 speeds, but currently only runs on Fast and super-fast speeds. Help!

Jean in WI
I would like any advice you might have about the floor of a garage conversion. I have 10 foot ceilings, so plenty of room to potentially raise the floor and insulate that space but am looking for the best solution to flooring this conversion. Tips, tricks and options. We have hydronic heat and could easily add a separate line for the floor if you think that is a viable option. We are strict DIYers with skills.

Chuck in AL
Can you tell me what type of transition I should use, and where I can possibly purchase it, between wood floors in our dining room adjoining split brick floors in our den?

Brian in AL
I need advice on how to replace water damaged sub-flooring in a bathroom area.

We replaced our toilet, but the footprint doesn’t cover where the linoleum was already cut from the old toilet. Is there an easy way to repair this? In addition, the toilet wobbles. How do I correct this?

Suzanne in KY
I’m switching faucet handles on my granite top that is around 40 years old. The problem is the granite is very discolored from the old faucet. What can I apply to the edge around the new faucets that won’t show the discoloration? The granite is dark brown. Is there a special paint or a blending stick?

Harrison in VA
The indoor slate floor in my foyer is 60 years old, and looks it. How can I remove the old film or shiny top coat and put a new sealer on? A chemical stripper has a strong smell. Is there a product without the smell?

Mona in UK
I have a hardwood stable door in my kitchen I’m trying to refinish. I wiped it down three times with mineral spirits, then applied two coats of a base. It seems still to be a little tacky in some place and has had a few days to dry. I tried a little of wood stain but it is very tacky after several hours. What have I done wrong? How long does the stain take to dry?

Carol in CA
We have ceiling fans in every room and now they sound like they are scraping something when they go around. How do I clean those?


  1. To the guy with the two concrete slabs that are sinking – there is something you can do. My driveway was sinking, and there are companies out there who drill one inch holes – about every foot or so in every direction – all over the slab and pump something underneath that helps raise it. Cosmetically you’re left with a checker pattern of holes that need to be concealed or blended in with the rest of the slab.


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