Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for December 12, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the December 12, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Madison in AL
I have a curved deck with an overhead covering that is also curved. I’m having issues with rain and want to install gutters, but no one seems to know if I can get curved guttering.

Eric in NY
I’m looking to paint two 16 foot fluted aluminum columns that hold up my portico. They are white and appear to be powder coated. While 99% of the finish is still intact, it has long ago lost its shine and when I rub my finger along it, it comes away with a fine white powder that remains on my finger. I would like to know exactly how to prep and paint the columns.

Rodney in MS
If I needed a 200 cfm fan in bathroom , can I put two 110 cfm with bronze colored lights in? Bathroom is long and narrow so I thought that will be two matching lights. And can I just put one hole in roof and vent both there?

Dianne in WI
I know you and Allen usually have some great DIY gift recommendations for the holidays, and frankly, I’m stuck and could use your help for my handyman of a husband!

Sharon in CA
I have a mirror with a J-channel on the bottom. I want to frame it like I saw in your video, but not sure how to deal with the metal channel and how it affixes to the mirror since it butts both sides against the wall, too.

James in IN
Do I need to place a tile underlayment or a membrane to tile the basement floors?

Bill in AL
I have a new concrete slab. I now need to replace several posts supporting a deck, install a railing, and replace some stairs. Should I acid stain prior to doing this work so that I do not have to worry about protecting much material, or should I stain after all the new materials are installed and painted to better protect the acid stain?

Diane in FL
I currently have hardwood floor in my living room. The adjacent dining room & foyer have 12×12 tile. Would using a wood-look tile in a different shade fit well next to the wood flooring?

Lori in MI
I have a musty-smelling dresser made of particle board on the inside of the cabinet itself. Could I use an oil-based primer such as Kilz Odorless to get rid of the musty smell on the cabinet itself and not re-paint with a top coat?

Yvette in SC
I have washroom that was under carport and I closed it in. Now I want to put up drywall & lay tile. Do I lay tile first then drywall? The walls are brick & floor is concrete.

A follow-up question from last week: I don’t think I described my cupboards very well. They are particle board (not wood) and have a covering like wallpaper . I don’t think it is melamine but it could be . I want to strip the wallpaper / melamine off since it’s already peeling . It’s the particle board I don’t know how to refinish or cover. What can I use to cover particle board?

Gary in TN
We had a contractor put in a tiled shower converted from a tub. It looks great but I don’t think he left enough space for grouting in the corners. He stuffed some grout in there but now the grout is coming out. This job was done about 2 ½ yrs. ago and I’ve been putting it off because I don’t know what to do with it. How would I handle correcting the situation so I don’t have water get behind the tile and cause more problems?

Anna in OH
What can I use to coat wallpaper behind or near the shower to prevent the paper from getting wet and peeling from wall?

Dan in AL
What’s the best adhesive to use for re-facing cabinets?

Brian in AL
Follow-up from last week: My other question is what type/make of saw do you recommend for cutting out any bad sections of the subfloor since it will have to be done from under in the crawlspace?


    • Hi Anna,
      Glad to hear you enjoy watching our show! Let us know if you have any more home improvement questions you need answered.


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