Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Dec. 2, 2017

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Checking in with Chelsea

Check out Chelsea’s December webisode, “Changing a Light Fixture Into a Plug-In,” featuring the Woods surge protector power strip.

Simple Solutions

Add Accent Lighting to Kitchen
Here’s a quick and affordable way to add subtle accent lighting in your kitchen, without having to call an electrician. For a nice, warm glow, stretch two strands of LED battery-powered lights on top of the kitchen cabinets. Place one strand near the wall, and the other one closer to the front edge of the cabinets. And if you get the lights with a built-in six-hour timer, the lights will automatically turn on each afternoon and off each evening.

Bike Storage Tip
Here’s an easy way store bikes in the garage. Screw two closet shelf brackets into the wall studs and hang the bike on the hooks. Then, place a wooden shelf on top to hold your helmet, gloves and other riding accessories. And if you’re concerned about the metal hooks scratching the bike frame, slip pieces of old rubber inner tube over the hooks.

Hour 1

Marina in FL
I need to replace my wood floor, which is made of overly soft wood that is best for a ceiling. The flooring was laid over a thick layer of plywood that is screwed into the concrete foundation. I want to lay tile, but removing all of those layers would be a tremendously difficult task I would love to avoid. But I sure don’t want any problems after tiling! Thanks for any insight you can offer.

George in IL
I’m building some bookshelves. Can I just use my kid’s white school glue or do I need a special carpentry glue? What’s the difference?

Sharon in WI
We have two skylights in our bathroom. One of the skylights gets a lot of moisture on it when it’s cold outside and we shower. We keep the exhaust fan on for a couple hours after showering. Wondering if it’s the exhaust fan or a problem with the skylight. Moved into the house in May of 2017 and checked for leaks when it rained with none to be found.

We stained our closet doors and trim four days ago, and they’re still tacky to the touch. If I brush on sealer or varnish, will it be ok?

Randy in GA
My home’s crawlspace entrance is only about 1 foot high. The crawlspace needs a moisture barrier and insulation around the foundation walls. What is the best option for getting into the crawl space and insulating it?

Hour 2

David in GA
My house burned down and I am rebuilding. I had an open loop well water geothermal Florida Heat Pump for 27 years and loved it. It looks like systems have improved over the years. I am considering a ducted mini system with multiple zones for my 5000-square-foot house. It eliminates  the in-room air handlers and their noise. Our six children are grown, so we do not use but 2,500 square feet usually. Is this a good idea?

Robert in NY
How do I prepare a concrete slab for solid-oak strip flooring? Can I glue the flooring right to the concrete, or must I nail down wooden sleepers first? And what about a moisture barrier, do I need one? By the way, the slab is above grade and has never had any moisture problems.

Hear the answer Straight from the Pro: Charles Peterson, one of the world’s leading experts on wood flooring and author of “A Complete Guide to Wood Flooring.” For more info, visit

Tom in TN
We just bought an older home that has a few rooms that have no windows and need light before I grow fangs! Any ideas would be helpful.

How do you paint baseboards without getting paint onto the carpeting?

Ronald in AL
Do you have any tips for removing iron stains from tubs, toilets, and sinks? We have high levels of iron in our well water and it stains all the porcelain fixtures.


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