Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for August 29, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the August 29, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Joan in MO
I discovered my back door has gaps when I was sitting my first winter in my living room and sleet started blowing on me. I have been pushing rope into the gaps, but now I have a dog going in and out. Does everything need to be removed and shims placed behind the frame? Every handyman I’ve had here just stares at it and laughs. Maybe if I told them what to do? I had my foundation leveled because I was getting cracks in my walls, the cracks closed, but not the door.

Jeff in KS
After 4 tries and trying different watering levels, I cannot get the paver sand to set up between the pavers of my back patio.

Michael in WI
We raised our 1906 house up and replaced foundation and crawlspace, but now we have lots of large cracks in plaster. What is the best way to patch them?

Charlie in TN
My kitchen cabinets are painted with latex paint. However, tThe previous color is beginning to show through around the door pulls. How should I handle retouching?

Dennie in VA
Last summer I installed Rubberific dual-sided pavers on a concrete form that I had poured to set a picnic table. It looked really well, however last winter all the adhesive came loose and now my pavers do not stay in place. The instructions say to use polyurethane adhesive. What kind of adhesive is this? What kind of adhesive do you suggest to hold them? Is there a particular kind or brand name that is better?

Vic in AR
How do you permanently kill weeds in a driveway? We’ve tried everything but they will not die. Can you help?

Joe in IN
I have seen tips on removing wallpaper on your show but I ran into trouble when I tried it. The previous homeowner put the wallpaper directly on the drywall without priming or doing any prep work to the drywall beforehand. Is there any way to get the wallpaper off without damaging the drywall or would it be easier to paint over it?

CJ in NC
Just had a wheel chair ramp installed. How can I make the treated wood age artificially?

Mildred in OH
What causes a entrance interior door frame to bow from the top? It looks like it could come down but the wood is holding it in place. There is no door it is an opening entrance which separate the living room from the dining room.

Tina in CO
We have wasps flying low on our grass for the 1st time & have 2 Welsh Terriers. Will they hurt them or what do I do?

Shawn in LA
My new house has a different type of texture that I have not seen. Do you know the name of this style of texture and I am trying to match it. I know how to use a hopper texture spray gun but have not seen this type of texture and if I could match it by spraying. What would be the best way to match this texture?

Heather in WA
What tool do I need for adding 2×4’s perpendicular to existing ceiling joists AND install 3/4 inch plywood for storage area and increasing insulation space in attic? I know that I would prefer cordless.


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