Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for August 25, 2018

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Ellen in AL
Long story short — The pipes in my basement are 70 years old! Recently I realized the pipes have surpassed their “lifetime” by about 20 years; they are leaking in two places. It’s a small home (2BR/2bath). I need practical advice to be sure I select the right plumber and the right materials. I’m getting 3 bids!

Paul in AL
I have an old beach house in Gulf Shores and we find that it smells very musty and especially notice this after we open it up after not staying there for a while. Our AC system is just a few years old and we leave it fairly cool inside even when we’re not there. Is there anything you can do about this smell and would a dehumidifier help? Also, do you know of a product you can add to an AC system that would not allow the AC to run if the doors to the house are open? (like a hotel AC?)

Sharon in CO
What kind of paint can be used on the baseboard heaters for hot water heaters? They are some kind of metal and have paint on them already. Also, what’s the best way to paint paneling?

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