Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for August 22, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the August 22, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Greg – TN
Should under house vents be left open in summer ? MY house feels cold under it but want to air out underneath. See some black mold on the lumber under house so wonder if not getting enough air to dry out. The mold is spots not heavy. My electric bills are low so don’t think I have an air leak in the ac ducts that run under house but I’ve never checked.

Bob – MA
I finally bought enough used ‘plastic’ shutters on line to replace some nice but failing wood shutters that just won’t hold paint well in the Cape Cod environment. The shutters are I guess rigid vinyl and I pressure washed them all, with about half I had to blast off (came off relatively easily) a single coat of paint. I have plenty of oil based paint in the color I want and I will spray the shutters but any ideas as to primer? I hate to buy a bunch of spray cans of plastic primer and the only way I see to get some I can spray on my own is to buy 2 quarts. More than I can imagine ever using. And it’s kind of pricey ($20-30 qt). I have used Glidden Gripper primer on fiber glass doors with good success. I am looking for any new ideas because I want to do this job only once.

Jason – KY
I have a $1700 front door with 2 side lights. the frame on both sides of the door rotted. a few years ago when the 1st side rotted we cut out the section and they used epoxy or something to replace it. my door frame is 1 piece and I am wondering is there a way to just buy a door frame or will I have to buy a new Door just to get the frame?

Larry – AL
How do I clean my stained grout and then what do I seal it with?

Pat – CA
My home was built in 1963 on a slab sub floor and has an original tile floor over which carpeting is currently installed. I want to install 3″ x 3/8″ engineered wood plank flooring. I’ve been told I must have the tile floor removed by an asbestos abatement team and I cannot simply lay the wood over the tile because the ‘new’ glue that is being used will not hold the wood. What is the easiest and least costly way to lay the wood–do I have to remove the tile and use an abatement team? If I do that, then I have a height issue requiring even more work. Is all of this necessary? I certainly did not do it in other parts of the home when wood was installed. Is this something new?

David – FL
We had our bathroom remodeled about 5 years ago but the fiberglass shower pan is now cracked. How can I fix this without tearing apart the whole shower?

Mark – MI
How high from the floor do I rough-in bathroom sink plumbing? This install is for using the Studor mini vent on the sink drain line. So, do I want the rough drain height a little lower so I’ll have clearance in the bath sink cabinet, below the sink?

Pam – VA
We have radiant floor heat with cement slab and want to replace the wall to wall carpet in the bedroom with laminate flooring. Is this a good idea? The rest of the house has ceramic tile.


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