Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for August 15, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the August 15, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Tammy in NC
My issue is the floors in my kitchen, hallway, and bathroom. The floor has soft area (when you walk feels like it’s going to collapse) and in the kitchen some areas are sinking and other feels like something is growing up from the ground and some spots seem very hollow. Can you direct me as to what type of contractor I need to fix this problem?

Jamie in WV
What would cause a house to be damp?

Glenn in TX
Should I install ledger to slab to attach lean to storage building to the rear of my garage?

Barbara in SC
I have some canvas awnings on the front of my house that I love. The problem is they’re covered in mold & mildew, but I’m afraid bleach will ruin their original color. How do I get rid of the green safely?

Carolyn in AL
In the bathroom of this 1974 built home is ceramic tile walls. The previous owners painted the ceramic tile on the walls and around the tub and shower. It is now peeling. What is the best way to remodel? Take out the tile, strip the paint or gut the entire bathroom?

I have counter tops that look like butcher block and there are several little black holes that came out and I don’t want to get new counter tops. What can I do to repair this?

Richard in TN
We have a 17 yr. old brick home and all of the shutters have come loose and we have removed them. We want to refinish and reattach the same. The plastic anchors in the bricks are dry rotted and must be replaced. Should we try to find the same size and style, or is there a better solution?

Karen in LA
I have started the project of texturing and painting the 1970’s paneling in my living room and hall. I have filled the cracks, sanded, and sprayed orange peel texture. However, when I went to start painting, the texture is peeling off. Upon reading more I have realized my error. I did not apply primer to the paneling. How do I correct this?

Richard in TN
I’ve been seeing a large amount of silverfish in my home. How can I get rid of them?

Ruth in IA
My carpet is loose, especially around doorways. Can this be fixed?

Delilah in MO
Our house is 45 years old and we just recently tore off the original plastic wall tiles in the bathroom. We are now stuck with the hard glue residue and not sure where to go from here. We are on a tight budget so replacing large sections of sheetrock may be out of the question. We can we cover it with?

Lynette in VT
We built our own small log cabin, and it has real wooden floors. They are awful…They squeak all the time! But in the summer when it is warmer and humidity is high, the floors buckle …Up and down and are so noisy… what can we do???? Also, all the other floors do make noise but not so much as the wooden ones do.


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