Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Aug. 4, 2018

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Danny Lipford and Joe Truini present “Today’s Homeowner” radio each week nationwide.

Simple Solutions

Filing System for Owner’s Manual – Here’s quick, efficient way to organize owner’s manuals for all your tools. Rather than storing all the manuals in one box or drawer, place each one in a zip-lock plastic bag. Then, clip together the individual bags with a binder clip and hang on a nail above your workbench. You can even organize each group of bags into separate categories, such as portable power tools, hand tools and accessories, stationary machinery, and lawn and garden tools.

Pest-Proof Your Garbage Cans – Fill a spray bottle with ammonia and spray the outside of your garbage cans to repel raccoons, dogs and other critters from knocking over and rummaging through your trash. Also, liberally spray the ammonia on the ground around the garbage cans.

Best New Product

Those little Bluetooth speakers that allow you to play music from your smart phone or tablet are all the rage these days, but the downside is that if you want to hear music in multiple places you have to carry them with you or sync up to multiple devices. Not anymore! Ryobi has a solution with its ONE+ Score Wireless speaker set. It allows you to connect up to 5 speakers instantly. Each unit can be powered by any Ryobi ONE+ 18-Volt battery or the included AC power adaptor and each has independent volume control. Your mobile device connects by Bluetooth to the primary speaker connection and it connects through SKAA technology to the other units with up to 150 foot range. The primary unit also has an Integrated FM tuner with 5 Presets for more listening options. Now your music can follow you from the kitchen to the garage and wherever you want to go!

You can purchase this product at The Home Depot.

Around the Yard

Julie Day Jones has all the advice you need to keep your lawn and garden looking their best. She joins us in hour two with all the details. For more, be sure to visit the lawn and garden section of our website. Around the Yard is sponsored by Pavestone.

Checking in with Chelsea

Chelsea joined us in hour one to talk about her latest Checking in with Chelsea episode, which is all about how to make a tiny bathroom look (and feel!) a whole lot larger. She’s got some great tips, so be sure to check it out!

Hour 1

Tim in NE
I have pressure washed my deck using Wolman’s Powder Deck Bright. It came out very clean, however I still have a few dark gray spots (maybe mold?). Do you have suggestions?

Betty in AL
There’s wallpaper in one of our bathrooms, and I’d like to paint it. What do I need to do first, and what kind of paint should I use? The wallpaper is smooth and adhered well to the walls.

Terri in WA
We have a railroad-tie retaining wall in our backyard, and it’s starting to buckle and bulge outward. Is there anything I can do to straighten it back up?

Hour 2

Tina in FL
My home was built in 1983 and polybutylene pipes were used. Since living in my house since 1996 I have had numerous leaks. I am thinking about having the house re-plumbed with Pex pipes. What are your thoughts? Have you heard any negatives on this plumbing? I’m tired of getting leaks and copper is so expensive and seems to have corrosion issues.

David in AL
I am working on closing in a 10×12 pre-built garden shed, for the purpose of a man cave/sleep room for night shift, and I have a question regarding insulation. I will be insulating and covering the walls, and not sure if it’s necessary that I insulate and enclose the ceiling. I have read different opinions on the matter but want to be sure I’m doing things the most beneficial way possible. The shed does have a ridge vent the full length (12′) of the building, and I will be heating/cooling the building, along with installing carpet.

Laurette in FL
We live in sunny Miami and our front door faces southwest and is in miserable shape. The door is made of oak and we’ve already sanded it down to bare wood. We’re ready to apply a new finish, what would you recommend? We prefer stain to paint, but the last time we stained the door, the finish had dark, blotchy spots.

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Danny Lipford

Danny Lipford is among the country’s most sought-after home improvement experts.
The seasoned remodeling contractor and media personality served as the home improvement expert for CBS’s “The Early Show” and The Weather Channel for over a decade and has made more than 180 national television appearances on “Fox & Friends,” “Inside Edition,” “Morning Express with Robin Meade,” Fox Business Channel, Rachael Ray and more.
He travels the country making appearances as a brand ambassador and spokesperson, and each year contributes expertise to hundreds of popular magazines and online media outlets.

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