Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for April 9, 2016

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Here are some of the highlights from the April 9, 2016, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Ron in AL
My home is about 20 years old and I need to replace the range hood. Do I need the duct work going all the way out or could I change over to a recirculating hood instead?

Dee in TX
I have WilsonArt counters and they have that lip on them. They are already installed and I want to cut off the lip and add a backsplash directly above it to my walls. Can you give me the details to do this?

Kathy in KS
I have a storm door with a door closer that isn’t working right. I adjusted it as you recommended but didn’t solve problem. The initial swing of the door is so fast it can “clip your heels”, but then it slows. How can I slow down that initial swing?

Rick in CA
How can I install a dryer vent duct that goes into the wall with a 90 degree turn and has to be 15 ft. long to exhaust out. I would like a clean out access on each end. Maybe I could put in an access door in the wall at 90 degrees and just clean it also from the open end?

Gary in AL
My office is a shot gun house and termites have been discovered beneath tile flooring that used to be a back porch (now enclosed). My question is whether the entire tile floor should be removed or just the part where termites were found.

Dan in TX
I’m converting a bath into a shower. I have panels to glue to the drywall, but while taking off old wood board that was glued and nailed, it tore some of the first layer of wall skin/paper. The thin brown cardboard looking layer is still there and only parts of it tore. Should I seal it with a flat paint before gluing the shower panels to the wall or will it be fine to glue it on like it is?

Kristin in MO
We have an old home and we’re replacing caulk on the bathroom vanity. The space from vanity to wall isn’t even – 3/8 – 5/8 inch, so I’m looking to put a piece of trim on it like a cap. The trim I like has about 1/4 lip underneath that I thought would make the front overhang even and then would have about 1/4 inch behind to caulk. My husband wants to push the piece to the wall and live with a minor overhang discrepancy. What is best?

Brenda in AL
What do I use to make my roll-in handicapped shower slip proof? I am told sand is mixed with some type of paint.

Cindy in VA
In 1977 my vinyl sheet flooring in the utility room was pretty cool. NOT SO MUCH today! With the new paints, is there one that would stay on vinyl?

Patsy in NC
Do you have any information on how to restore an old porcelain kitchen sink? I love my old kitchen!

Robert in CO
My outdoor faucet leaks when I turn it on. Is there an easy fix for this?

CJ in AL
Do you remove front doors to re-stain them?


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