Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for April 25, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the April 25, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Teshine – GA
We have an old family home that is built very close to the ground. Occasionally, mold appears in different places inside the house. When it rains a lot, the house smells and feels damp. We have some moisture barriers in the house to absorb some of the moisture. What can we do to eliminate/reduce the moisture in the house?

Lauri – PA
How do you get rid of earthworms on the driveway after a strong rain? Only natural solutions please….(no chemicals!)

Melissa – MI
We had a “walk in” type Jacuzzi tub installed in master bath 5 yrs ago. I would love to convert space back to a shower (since walk ins are big, take a long time to fill etc) . I am having to use the guest bathroom. Is this a “big” job & expensive? I just don’t even know who to contact as a place to start. Thanks & love your show.

Barbara – FL
We have Mexican tile that was installed in our house 27 years ago. The sealer is peeling but we don’t want to re-seal because the sanding last time wreaked havoc on our allergies. We don’t want to remove the tile for the same reason. How can we tile over it with porcelain? What prep is needed?

Martin – MS
We have a driveway that we have to grade several times a year. Is there anything to slow down the washing out?

Linda – MI
I’m having trouble finding oil based paint to paint the aluminum on the exterior of my house. Will Zinsser work? Or are there any other alternatives? I don’t trust that latex will last.

Linda – MI
I removed wallpaper and got the backing off. Now there are places on the paneled walls that have a mixture of tongue and groove fill, possible compound to smooth out the uneven areas in the walls, patchy areas of paneling showing and some kind of thicker paper possibly used to also smooth out areas of the walls or to help the wallpaper look smoother or stick better. After sanding in areas and applying TSP, can I just put thin coat of compound on the entire area, sand down for smoothness, prime and paint? I have experience with taping, using joint compound, spackling, texturing, priming and painting. I do not want to take the paneling down and put drywall up.

Patricia – TX
I can’t get grass to grow in my yard. The soil is basically sand. What can I do?


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