Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for April 23, 2016

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Here are some of the highlights from the April 23, 2016, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Shiloh in TX
I would like to remove a wall to make an open floor plan layout since the wall makes a barrier during entertaining and family game night we have with the neighbors, but I am unsure of how to detect a load bearing wall.

Steven in OK
I need to replace my windows on my house. They are the original builder’s grade aluminum Windows that were installed when the house was built in 1968. My home is brick veneer so the idea of replacing the windows seems complicated.

Lee in IL
I need some advice on how to replace a larger than existing door. The new door is already made, custom made. It is larger than the original doorway. jambs and frames all made. I’m not sure how to tackle the project.

Sue in SC
Do you have a suggestion on what to use to cover my linen closet. We took the door off because it “runs into” the bathroom. The builder admits there was a design flaw. We were thinking about some sort of shade but wondered if you had a better idea.

Geri in MI
We have a tri-level house and the kitchen and lower level of the house are cold in the winter. The outside walls are cinder block. The inside walls are drywall and we are not sure how much insulation is actually in the walls. In the winter, the inside walls are cold to the touch! We use a plug in heater in the kitchen which drives up our electric bills! Is it possible to insulate cinder blocks?

Alan in AL
Why does a treated wooden plank turn black?

Donald in GA
I have a hickory tree that I removed from my property and, after letting it season for about a year, I took it to a local sawmill to cut into 2” strips to make cutting boards. What kind of food-safe polyurethane is there to seal these after I make them?

Tim in LA
I’m trying to install laminate countertops in a home that was built in the early 1900’s. I have a problem with the walls not being square. What would be the best way to install. I appreciate any help thank you very much.

Mary in AL
My son told me that my chimney’s mortar is eroding, and the only way we can stop the leaks from rain is to put lots of some kind of black stuff all around the bottom. He is afraid if they go into the chimney mortar to put a metal shield around it, it will weaken the chimney itself. Is there anything that can be sprayed on the chimney that will strengthen it? This house is 51 years old. I don’t use the fireplace anymore to build fires.

Joyce in GA
Recently my sister started using a wheelchair. To make it easier, I will be removing the carpeting and putting is “wood” flooring. We need something durable. Do you have some suggestions, please?

Mike in MI
What product do you use after taking off chipped paint to get a smooth surface.?

Theresa in IL
I have 26 year old putty colored Dryvit that has grey lines and mildew in areas. I would dearly love to paint it, and I would like to know what works. I guess i should first ask if it can be painted?

Justin in KY
I am replacing my water heater, a 50 gallon electric heater. I want to replace with an electric tankless water heater. What size or brand do you recommend? We have one bathroom, a kitchen sink, and a washing machine. I am installing it myself. Any tips that I should know?

Jen in OH
How do I shim electrical boxes for tile backsplash installation in kitchen?

Robert in IL
I’m having a big problem with squirrels. I hear from some people that cayenne pepper, coyote urine and moth balls are good deterrents, then I hear from others who say that they don’t work. Any good solutions you can share?

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