Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for April 16, 2016

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Here are some of the highlights from the April 16, 2016, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Kay in AR
In my bathroom I have Armstrong vinyl flooring. Last year I noticed a small dark spot on the floor behind the toilet. I assume its mildew. The spot has now grown to both sides of the toilet. I have tried bleach, peroxide, baking soda but nothing has worked to remove the mildew. The last product I used was Tilex (mildew root penetrator). This product seems to have stopped the mildew from spreading but doesn’t remove the mildew stain. Is there a product that will remove the stain or will I have to replace the vinyl? And If I have to replace the vinyl should I take up the current vinyl or can I put the new vinyl over the old. Hating to replace vinyl because its only 3 years old & looks nice except for the mildew around the toilet.

Gary in AL
My office is a shot gun house and termites have been discovered beneath tile flooring that used to be a back porch (now enclosed). My question is whether entire tile floor should be removed or just the part where termites were found.

Donna in OK
If your furniture is outdoors and you are staining it … If you have been adding furniture oil on the piece to try and keep it from cracking from weather … Will the stripper be the first step? Or do you need to clean the wood first, let it dry. Then strip the wood, and follow the steps to re-varnish it? Will you also need to re-varnish it every one or two? Last question … If your piece has a decorative finish, is there anything special you do to preserve the decorative detail?

Walter in MS
How often should the wax ring under the toilet be replaced?

Kathy in MA
My fence gate is twisting and is out of alignment. How do I DIY this problem?

Steve in TX
How do I install or should I install a grab bar? The surround is a three sheet ceramic imitation marble

Dana in MI
We have a 3 season room that we would like to convert to a 4 season room. Our main concern is that the 3 season room gets critters under it. How do we seal that up properly before doing anything else? The room was built over a deck, and the critters have created holes to get under there.

Kathy in AL
How easy are the refinishing kits to do? I want something new for counter tops but low cost. Are the counter top refinishing kits any good?

Angie in WV
What’s the best way to change the color of the brick on the outside of your home?

Debra in TX
My kitchen is older and I wanted to replace the hardware on my cabinets but can’t find hardware to match the holes exactly and I don’t want to drill new ones. How can I clean the 45 years of goo off and can I paint them?

Jon in WI
My family and I have been living in the same house for the last ten years in the city. We’ve worked hard to take care of it. Last year, we had a real sleazy neighbor move in…. impossible to talk to. Anyway, the neighbors smoke cigarettes all the time. It is so bad that we cannot even open our windows in the summer without the smell leaching in. Is there some sort of window fan or outdoor fan (preferably solar) that we could use to push the smell away from our house? It is amazing how one bad apple can spoil the bunch. I appreciate any help you can provide!

CP in AL
Deck boards are dry and cracking. What can be done aside from replacing the boards? Deck is approximately 10 years old. Is there a paint or coating? Can I put a floor sander on it then coat it?

Ron in CA
I am remodeling my wife’s closet and installing a melamine based reach in unit. I am using ¾ in. particle board laminated with melamine. At some of the joints I would like to use glue in addition to screwing them together. What type of glue would you recommend I use where I have to butt the raw particle board joint up against a melamine surface? I’m pretty sure regular white carpenters glue will not adhere to the melamine surface. Would liquid nails or super glue be a better substitute? BTW: I’m a loyal fan of your TV show and hope your daughter Chelsea can make a go of it too!

We also had a fun chat with our Production Company manager, Chad Kirtland, who had a slight “mishap” while trying to install an Ironing Center from NuTone. Seems the builder put some studs a little too close to each other, so Chad wound up with an extra opening!

hole in wall
hole in wall


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