Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | August 8, 2020

Uncovered concrete patio
It doesn’t matter how nice your concrete patio is; if it’s unlevel, problems will develop.

Your home is your castle — but every palace eventually loses its luster.

A shaded patio develops mildew and you wonder what to do about it. Rainwater pools on an unlevel concrete patio. Shallow, unsightly depressions form on concrete surfaces, and sand between patio bricks washes away.  

What can you do about all these problems? Listen to this week’s Today’s Homeowner Radio Show, that’s what!

  • [3:01] 67-year-old great-grandmother gains confidence to replace a toilet after watching Today’s Homeowner
  • [5:12] Fan follows our advice on how to eliminate efflorescence on his garage floor and shares what happened next
  • [16:59] “I need to repair a concrete patio. It was never properly sloped away from the foundation … I am considering using Rapid set Cement All or Rapid set Concrete mix. Your thoughts?”
  • [28:26] Best New Product: DeWalt 3,000 Lumen 20-Volt Max Tripod
  • [30:31] Chelsea talks about the August episode of Checking in with Chelsea — installing and sealing butcher-block countertops
  • [39:28] “I have a house that was built below grade and has the A/C compressor on one of the sides. Due to lack of care and erosion I need to find a way to properly anchor the platform while also keeping it level. Am I better off just having an A/C contractor move the compressor to the rear of the house?”
  • [44:11] “We have a shaded back patio where we love to have coffee each morning, but it’s always covered in mildew … and when we clean it, it seems to come right back. How can we prevent that?”
  • [49:26] Simple Solution: How to Make a Pop-Up Trash Can
  • [55:59] “I need some advice on removing tile from a fireplace. I noticed that there’s drywall behind the tile. When I take a chisel in there it doesn’t come out perfectly and if I apply any pressure then I put a hole in the drywall. Help!”
  • [57:28] “I’d like to know about tankless water heaters. Are they economical? Do they work really good?
  • [1:00:02] “I’ve got a sewage smell either in my laundry room or my kitchen when it rains really hard. Help!”
  • [1:02:43] “Our concrete patio is not covered and after it rains, water accumulates in the corner by the house and near the back door. Is there an inexpensive way to level the patio?”
  • [1:09:31] “What options are available to correct shallow depressions in a new concrete patio?
  • [1:12:14] DaiHard 100 Kits from Daich Coatings feature an Industrial Strength Epoxy Floor Coating that hides anything on the surface with just one coat
  • [1:15:50] What can I put between the bricks on my patio that won’t wash away when it rains? The original sand is now gone, and the gaps are about 1 inch deep.”
  • [1:22:20] “Our house was built seven years ago and our basement is half-exposed due to the slope of the land it was built on. We have been noticing condensation behind the plastic and possible mold on the 2-by-4s. Thoughts on next steps?”
  • [1:27:17] Why You Should Use National Gypsum’s Purple XP drywall
  • [1:28:20] “I’d like to put a raised flowerbed against our wooden fence. How do I protect the fence from rotting?”
  • [1:33:14] “I have a brick hearth under my wood stove. I would like to clean the brick without damaging the newly finished hardwood floor around the hearth. Help!”
  • [1:36:09] “I have a house that’s 25 years old. It has a standard steel entry door with two sidelights. Can I remove just the old door and replace it with a new door with glass in it? Are doors all a standard size?”
  • [1:43:44] Simple Solution: Where to buy less expensive, generic “magical” erasers

Best New Product

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