Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | August 29, 2020

Concrete patio with dining set and umbrella

If you own a home, sooner or later, you’ll encounter some problems. For instance, cracks may form on the popcorn ceiling or ants may infiltrate the interior.

The pool surround may start to chip and lose layers, or metal outdoor furniture may need a good paint job after years of use and abuse from the elements.

These kinds of problems are more common than you may think, and it helps to have someone who’s been there and fixed that, and has the expertise to offer advice.

We’ll talk about these types of issues, and many more, on this week’s Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

  • [1:38] Danny and Joe discuss a recently taped TV episode, a community service project in Marianna, Florida, Danny’s hometown.
  • [15:56] “We’re renovating our bathroom and I want to avoid grout stains like we had in the old one. Can you help?”
  • [18:28] “I have cracks in my garage ceiling. The ceiling is a popcorn ceiling and the cracks are 8-10 feet in some places. What is the best way to repair?”
  • [28:25] Best New Product: Zevo Flying Insect Trap Starter Kit
  • [30:47] “You talk about [Leviton electrical outlets] a lot … so how do I pick out one from so many?”
  • [39:39] “I have an old 1880s home in Wiggins, Mississippi, that we have renovated and added on to. There are oval ornamental vents around the house, but none on the addition … Do I need to install a vent with an exhaust fan that measures humidity and turns on or off based on how high or low the humidity level is?”
  • [49:53] Simple Solution: Four tips for safely using an air compressor
  • [55:09] “I have a basement storage room. I see that the paneling has been pulled off to take care of a water leak. I need to put it back on and two of the back strips have come off the wall. Help!”
  • [57:04] “I moved from Indiana down to Alabama and in Indiana when we poured concrete we always put a wired mesh under the concreate to stop it from cracking. In Alabama, they told me they just use a fiber; now I poured a new driveway and I am getting a new crack in the concrete. I was wondering if there is anything you can put in the hairline cracks to stop it from cracking further.”
  • [1:01:02] “Currently replacing windows that have the weight cavity … the new windows do not need the weight cavity. Should that weight cavity be insulated during the replacement process? Also, I have the old three channel storm windows on the outside. Should those windows stay after the replacement windows are installed?”
  • [1:02:46] “I need to remove an old 3/16-inch foam carpet pad from a tongue-and-groove hardwood floor. However, I’m not trying to save the hardwood floor. I tried using a floor scraper, but because the floorboards are cupped the pad didn’t come completely off. And, the scraper didn’t remove any of the glue. Is there anything that can dissolve the foam and glue so it can be scraped off?”
  • [1:10:31] “I have a tankless water heater; my question is regarding heating the incoming cold water to a reasonable temperature.”
  • [1:14:59] “I’m looking to seal and fill entirely the unsightly rim joists in my basement. Is that something I could use spray foam insulation on? And if so, which product is best?”
  • [1:22:35] “Several years ago, we updated one of our bathrooms. I wanted aged bronze fixtures, but after finding a light fixture I really liked that only came in brushed nickel, we purchased all the new fixtures and shower door in brushed nickel. I have buyer’s remorse and wonder if there is some chemical, or type of waterproof paint or stain I can use to change the brushed nickel fixtures to antique bronze?”
  • [1:26:21] “I’d like to paint the metal frames on my outdoor patio furniture. Can you suggest a way to protect the fabric while spray-painting the frames?”
  • [1:33:37] “I had an electrician install two ceiling fans in our living room. Each fan is controlled by adjustable fan switches. Everything works fine except that the fans don’t seem to spin very fast, even on high speed. Could this be a wiring issue?”
  • [1:36:10] “I have a sandstone pool surround and it’s chipping and losing layers. Is this normal with sandstone and should I be sealing the surface?”
  • [1:38:04] “I have an insect problem with black ants and fruit flies. We have tried everything, but the flies keep coming and I can’t seem to keep the ants out. Any products or things I should look for?”
  • [1:43:21] Simple Solutions: How to measure plywood accurately

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