Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | April 17, 2021

An outdoor kitchen area in a backyard, featuring a granite countertops, a grill and a sink
Outdoor kitchens are a hot commodity now, but they don’t have to be too expensive to install.
  • [5:03] Joe discuses his latest writing topic: deck safety
  • [15:45] How to hide central air electrical and pipes
  • [28:28] Home Depot Best New Product: Leviton 15 Amp Decora Type A and C USB Charger Tamper-Resistant Outlet
  • [30:04] Creating a dry patio area under a wood deck
  • [34:23] Affordable way to make a functional and attractive outdoor kitchen area
  • [39:21] Around the Yard Segment: Building Outdoor Structures
  • [41:43] Tips for installing pavers over a concrete patio
  • [49:29] Simple Solution: Using bicycle hand-grips on garden tools
  • [50:42] Danny and Joe talk about Plasti-Dip liquid rubber coating for tools
  • [57:11] What to do about stained concrete
  • [59:29] Building a pantry to match new cabinets
  • [1:01:10] Tips for replacing a pendant light with a chandelier
  • [1:10:08] Solved: What can cause granite to crack?
  • [1:15:44] How to repair water damage on a plaster ceiling
  • [1:22:42] Solved: Can you re-coat the white coating on an old cast iron sink?
  • [1:26:26] Solved: Can you reuse last year’s potting soil for this year’s plants?
  • [1:33:35] Tips for stabilizing pipes to prevent faucets from moving around too much
  • [1:36:32] What to do about gaps around a door
  • [1:38:35] Creating a kitchen island without breaking the bank
  • [1:43:10] Simple Solution: How to seal clay pots and prevent plants from drying out

Not everyone can be a home improvement expert. That’s why we’re here to give advice on any projects you want to tackle around the house.

Wondering how you can make your deck safer? Maybe you are looking for a way to hide your central air electrical wiring and pipes.

Do you want to create a dry patio area under your deck for rainy days? Or, are you wanting to add an outdoor kitchen area without spending too much money?

Listen to this episode of Today’s Homeowner Radio Show to learn the answers to these questions and many more!

Best New Product

Leviton 15 Amp Decora Type A and C USB Charger Tamper-Resistant OutletWe use USB ports more than ever. Luckily, Leviton created an outlet including high-power USB ports for Type A and Type C. Learn more>>

Around the Yard

In this Around the Yard segment, brought to you by Pavestone, we share advice on how to add wooden structures, like a playset or pergola, to your backyard.

Use a durable material that will stand the weather and resist termites. Assembly doesn’t have to be hard when you follow simple tips, such as cutting and applying stain to wood before assembly and using a fast-setting concrete that will allow you to start building around it in approximately an hour.

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