How to Properly Prep for a Bathroom Renovation

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Danny Lipford and Joe Truini


Keeping Mold out of the attic

Stuart has mold appearing throughout the home.  He wants to know where it may be coming from and how to prevent the fungus from showing it’s ugly face.

Saw Selection Tips

Debbie needs a Today’s Homeowner guide to picking the perfect hand saw. 

Preparing for a Bathroom Renovation

Bob needs advice picking the best material for sturdy walls that would go behind plastic shower panels. 

Mold Growth in a Crawlspace

Mold is becoming a big issue on Tim’s Joists due to water pooling below the house.  

Simple Solutions

Spot cleaning a dirty carpet

Spot Cleaning Tip

Remove stubborn stains from upholstery and carpeting by making a spot cleaner from oxygen bleach powder (such as OxiClean). 

Carpeted stairs

Fast Fix for Loose Balusters

Wooden staircase baluster will often shrink and become loose in their mortises. To tighten up a loose baluster, try this! 

Best New Products

Give New Life to Dated Wood Furniture

Are you fed up with the dated look of your wood furniture?  With the passage of time and exposure to the sun, tables, windows, and cabinets can begin to seem tired and faded. Verathane Interior Gel Stain is a great way to create a deep, rich color and instantly enhance the natural grain of the wood.

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