Tips on Cleaning and Staining a Fence

Before your dog-eared wood fence faces the unrelenting dog days of summer, it’s time to add a layer of finish to revitalize, protect, and beautify it. Start with a premium wood cleaner and brightener to remove the ground-in dirt and help restore the original color of the wood.

If your fence has been previously stained, then use a premium wood stripper to help get back to basics and remove any loose or peeling coats of old stain. Plan on doing all this when you have at least 48 hours of clear, dry, warm weather.

After allowing the fence to dry for another 48 hours, apply a coat of premium transparent or solid stain to seal the pores of the wood and ensure years of lasting beauty.

This Summer Survival Guide tip is brought to you by Flood Wood Care: simple across the board.


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