This Multi-Position Ladder Saves You Money and Storage Space

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Werner Ladders' 5-in-1 Multiposition Ladder, seen as a step ladder and as two self-supporting scaffolding braces
Werner Ladders’ 5-in-1 Multiposition Ladder is a cost-efficient choice for homeowners with limited storage space.

Most homeowners lack the storage space for three or four different ladders. That’s why you should choose a multi-position ladder that does several jobs.

You also should choose a ladder that’s very easy to use. Fortunately, Werner Ladders has created a product that meets both requirements.

Benefits of a Multi-Position Ladder

Werner Ladders has introduced a 22-foot, five-in-one ladder that lets the average homeowner tackle just about any job they can imagine.

The ladder’s functions include extension ladder and double-sided twin step ladder, stairway ladder, wall ladder and two self-supporting scaffolding braces.

It’s the company’s lightest multi-position ladder and weighs about 10 percent less than the previous version. But less weight doesn’t mean less performance.

It’s rated for holding up to 375 pounds, which makes it useful for one or two people occupying the ladder.

Finally, this multi-position ladder includes 32 adjustable positions, which allow you to do more jobs quickly and safely without needing any additional purchases for any of the five functions that this ladder offers.

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Find Werner Ladders’ 5-in-1 Multi-Position Ladder at The Home Depot


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