This EcoSmart Color Changing Light Bulb Creates Perfect Ambiance

Jodi Marks with EcoSmart color changing light bulb.
Jodi Marks with the EcoSmart color-changing light bulb.

Choosing a light bulb can be troublesome with there being so many options to choose from. The EcoSmart Dimmable LED Light Bulb reduces your guesswork because it can change color by a simple flip of a switch!

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About the EcoSmart Color Changing Light Bulb

Fun fact: all light has a temperature — more specifically — a color temperature. This EcoSmart LED light bulb is equipped with three color temperature settings in one bulb — a soft white, bright white and daylight.

Daylight has a higher color temperature that looks more bluish to our eyes. Traditional incandescent bulbs have a lower color temperature which our eyes see as more yellowish. Some people like one better than the other but almost no one likes to see them mixed.

That’s why this color-changing light bulb is perfect to use in any room of your home. The technology of color section diminishes any guesswork when choosing a light bulb.

Jodi Marks with EcoSmart color changing light bulb.
Jodi Marks demonstrates the color change with the dimmer switch.

Where to Install In Your Home

There are recommended placements in your home for each different color temperature setting. This further eliminates the guesswork of where to install this product in your home!

The Soft White temperature setting is perfect for applications requiring warm and inviting light. For example, bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms.

Try out the Bright White temperature setting for a slightly cooler light appearance that is suitable for any interior room in your home!

And, the Daylight temperature setting is ideal for areas in your home that require bright, crisp light. For instance, kitchens, offices and utility rooms.

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