The Fast, Easy Way to Stop a Leak

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Closeup of a pipe with water bursting out of it, just before the homeowner uses Nashua Tape to stop a leak
Need to stop a leak fast? Nashua Tape has the solution. (DepositPhotos)

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to stop a leak, especially if you caused it yourself with a misplaced nail or screw.

Fortunately, Nashua Tape has the fast, easy solution for do-it-yourselfers.

Its 3-inch-wide Aqua-Seal Tape seals and protects both wet and dry surfaces including gutters, galvanized pipes, vinyl siding, aluminum, glass and wood.

Nashua Tape’s Aqua-Seal Tape is perfect to stop a leak and then patch and repair it where moisture is present. Best of all? It provides a permanent bond. 

In fact, this product can go where few tape rolls have gone before! That’s right — you can even use Aqua-Seal Tape underwater to make repairs that would otherwise be impossible.

The extra-wide 3-inch roll offers plenty of coverage, so there’s no guesswork when you need to stop a leak. And the tape itself remains pliable, so it doesn’t dry, harden or crack, which means that quick repair will last longer. 

Look for Nashua Tape’s 3-inch Aqua-Seal Tape at The Home Depot.


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