The Best Way to Control Water Pressure, Protect PEX Pipes 

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Apollo PEX pipe water pressure regulator
Low water pressure is a problem, but so is high water pressure. ApolloPEX Water Pressure Regulator helps you control the situation so you can protect your PEX pipes.

One of the most frequent complaints you hear about water pressure is that it’s too low. But water pressure that’s too high also creates problems for PEX pipes.

You need to manage excessively high incoming water pressure, because it can damage some plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Easy Installation for PEX Pipes

That’s where the ApolloPEX Water Pressure Regulator comes in. With simple in-line connections for PEX pipes, it’s easy to install this device in your home’s plumbing system.

It’s also easy to make adjustments. And an instant-read, color-coded dial shows you a measurement of the downstream pressure at a glance. 

Sometimes pressure surges occur, even in homes with normal water pressure, so the Apollo Regulator is designed to control those situations too.

A Regulator That’s Built to Last

The unit features lead-free bronze construction for safety and longevity. The factory setting is 50 psi, but that setting can easily be adjusted from 15 to 75 psi.

So, if you want to control your home’s water pressure and protect your PEX pipes, this is the best choice.

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