Smart Lighting for Your Home

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One of the most common bad energy habits is leaving the lights on all day. We all forget about flipping the off switch from time to time, but now thanks to the Philips Hue LED Smart Wireless Lighting Starter Kit you can flip the switch without even being in your house. So, forgetting to turn them off isn’t that big of a hassle. This kit contains four White and Color Ambiance Hue bulbs and a hub that allows you to control lights with voice or a smart device from anywhere in the world. You can customize your daily routines, using preset shades of white light to help you energize, concentrate and relax throughout the day. Let Hue wake you up gradually for a fresh and gentle start to each day instead of an abrupt alarm and relax with a cozy, warm, light gradually turning off as you fall asleep. For more on the Philips Hue LED Smart Wireless Lighting Starter Kit, log on to


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