Seed Tapes

By the time we can get to planting, we have often lost the patience necessary to do the job neatly. Seed tapes are strips of paper with seeds adhered evenly spaced down the center to solve that problem. After planting, the paper and glue decompose, leaving perfectly spaced crops.

Now you can make your own by cutting newspaper into one-inch wide strips from top to bottom. Then mix a fourth cup of water to one-cup of flour to make glue, dab each seed with glue, and place them evenly along the strip’s center.

Store the dry, rolled up tapes in separate plastic bags. Add a tablespoon of salt to keep them dry, and don’t forget to label each bag.

When it’s time to plant the seed tapes, you can simply roll them out with the seed side up in shallow rows, cover with soil, and wait for the crops to grow.


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