Seal Asphalt Drive

Asphalt is pretty rugged stuff, but as the years and each season passes, Mother Nature has a way of breaking it down. Sun oxidizes it, leaving it brittle and prone to cracks.

Those cracks allow water under the surface, which will erode the drive’s foundation, or freeze and expand making the cracks even worse. But if you fill those cracks with an asphalt repair caulk as soon as you discover them, you can stop most of the damage before it starts.

To prevent even more cracking, apply an asphalt sealer to the driveway to interrupt the oxidizing process. You’ll need to clean the surface first and then watch the weather.

Most of these sealers have to applied above a specific temperature, so summer is the perfect time. This project is easy, relatively inexpensive, and a large squeegee is the only tool you’ll need.


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