Sap Oozing from Deck Boards & A Shrinking Floor

Around the Yard

Save Money by Adjusting Your Irrigation System

For this month’s Around the Yard segment brought to you by Pavestone, we talk about a way you can get the most out of your irrigation system with the ole saying Less is More”.

Checking in with Chelsea

DIY Artwork Display Wire & Magnet Board

It’s back to school season. Chelsea talks about some projects she’s taking on at her house that create a fun way for her kids to display their artwork and schoolwork on the wall.

Simple Solutions

joe truini

Quick Tip for Cleaning Light Fixtures

Here’s a quick, easy way to clean exterior light fixtures.

DIY Crosscut Guide

To make perfectly square crosscuts with your circular saw, build a simple T-shaped crosscut guide.

Best New Products

48-Inch Foldable Table

Football season is right around the corner. For football fans that also means it’s tailgating season. You need the right table to put the chili, burgers, or if you’re in the south like Danny… the crawfish. You no longer have to lug around a big clumsy table thanks to “Lifetime’s” 48-inch fold-in-half table with adjustable height.

Products Mentioned

Wet & Forget

Murphy Oil


Johnson Hardware




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