Tips for Replacing Damaged Siding

Workers installing plastic siding panels on two story house.

Here’s a question from our 6/22/2019 Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

Teresa from Washington says, “I have an older 1930s home. I believe in the 1950s the homeowners that owned the house previously had Sears aluminum siding installed. At the bottom of the siding, there are pieces of wood that run under the siding around the whole perimeter of the home. Some of those pieces are just slabbed together. Under that is a piece of 1×8 or 1×10.

“Recently, one of the pieces at the bottom of the siding has rotted in a spot and the insulation that was blown in, in the 1980s (possibly) started spilling out, and every time the wind blows the insulation comes out.

“I don’t want this problem to happen around the whole house as there is rotting wood around the perimeter of the house. I have no clue how to fix it. I’m afraid that if I just start ripping the bottom boards off all the insulation will spill onto the ground.”

We tell Teresa one option could be to meet with vinyl siding installers. They have a sheet-metal brake that can form a piece of metal that will cover that piece of wood completely.

Also, Teresa could tear it all out and replace it with cellular PVC.

Listen above for the segment!

Read the blog from the June 22 show and listen to the full broadcast here


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