Tips for Repairing a Rotted Deck

Here’s a question from our 5/11/2019 Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

Matt from Alabama says, “While repairing my deck that had water damage and rot to the deck boards and joists, I found the deck’s support posts are buried under the ground about 1.5 feet deep. The posts are not rotted yet, they are 6×6 and do have some water absorption into them but are still solid and a deck screw will go into them properly.

“I am wanting to know how I could prevent these posts from rotting out. If it would be okay to pour more Quikrete around them to cover the 1 foot that has been touching the dirt.”

We say use some peel-and-stick roofing material and wrap it around the post to keep the concrete soaking into the post throughout the years. Enlarge the footing a few inches above the ground.

Listen to the embedded audio clip for the complete segment!

Read the blog from the 5/11 show and listen to the full broadcast here


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