How to Remove Carpet Dimples

You’ve decided you want your couch on the opposite wall now; and that tired, old easy chair is being relocated to the basement. But the dimples left in your carpet are even uglier than the chair, right?

You don’t have to live with those ghosts of furniture past. Next time you’re trying to un-dimple carpet, try this. Take a damp rag and place over the dimple, then use a steam iron on its “cotton” setting and lightly press it over the spot, making sure to inject plenty of steam. It may take two or three passes, but the steam will help revive the compressed carpet fibers.

You can also go to the opposite end of the spectrum, and rub a piece of ice on the spot, then use a metal spoon to re-fluff the fibers. Afterwards, run the vacuum cleaner over the area for a fresh new look.


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