How to Remove Adhesive Safely and Quickly

Removing things, like vinyl baseboards and vinyl flooring, can be difficult because the adhesives used to hold them are so tough. It’s easy to end up damaging walls and subfloors in the process, because it takes so much elbow grease to get them loose.

The solution is to use an electric heat gun to soften up the adhesive before you begin. Wear gloves and make sure you have adequate ventilation before you begin.

Set the heat gun’s temperature to medium and begin heating near a seam. Hold the nozzle a few inches away, moving it back and forth over a small area for about 30 seconds.

Then use a wide-bladed putty knife behind the material to pry it up.

Once it’s removed, use the gun to melt the adhesive, so you can scrape the rest off with the putty knife.


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