How to Clean Out Your Refrigerator Coils

Don’t you just love your refrigerator? I mean, think about it. It keeps your food and drinks cold for you, and in the middle of the night when you want a snack, it turns on a light so that you can see.

So, on this Valentine’s Day, give a little love in return by cleaning the refrigerator coil. A dirty coil can cause the appliance to work harder, shorten its lifespan, and it won’t keep foods as cold as it should.

On older refrigerators the coils can be found on the back of the unit. Newer models have the coils underneath covered by a toe kick.

Rear coils are easy to clean by pulling the refrigerator away from the wall. For floor coils, use a long, thin vacuum attachment made for cleaning underneath. And always unplug the unit before you clean.


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