Radiant Floor Heating

Tile is the perfect bathroom flooring surface for a number of reasons, but in the wintertime it can be the source of some rude awakenings.

The solution is radiant floor heating. These systems are installed beneath the flooring material to gently heat it from the underside. Because heat rises, they also provide supplemental heating for the entire room.

Depending on the system’s size and location that extra heat can lead to lower thermostat settings and lower your utility bills. The heat is delivered through electric resistance heating wires or small tubes that carry hot water, depending on the system.

Either type of system can be easily installed during new construction, but a retrofit situation will require removing the existing flooring, since the heat source is located beneath it.


  1. I plan on replacing my old kitchen linoleum, with new linoleum that looks like a wood floor. This choice is because I have rescue animals and is the easiest to keep clean a true wood floor would not withstand the amount of washing and chemicals to keep it santitize and clean. The question is can you heat a linoleum floor? I have a crawl space under the floor. Its been made dry at a 50K exspense. We live on the river so the water table is high. How ever because we did the exspense to keep it dry, we are about the only family on the river with a dry crawl space. Artisian wells abound here. So how do I heat linoleum with out loosiing the glue? Thank You for your help I hope to do this project in the next 6 to 12 months
    Nan Lickteig


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