How to Read Pressure Washer Color Codes

Pressure washers are fantastic tools when it comes to outdoor cleaning, but have you ever noticed the different colors of the available spray nozzles? Knowing those colors will help you choose the right tip for the right job. Those color codes tell you what pattern of spray the tip produces.

The white tip is a 40-degree fan, perfect for rinsing or delicate washing, like windows. Green is the most versatile with a 25-degree spray pattern. It delivers good impact cleaning to remove grime and dirt. Your yellow tip, often called the chiseling tip, produces a 15-degree pattern and is the choice you want to remove peeling paint or mildew.

Finally, there’s red. This is the tip with no pattern at all. It sends out a fine, pencil-point and concentrated burst. While this nozzle is best for cleaning metal machinery, it also works great to remove grass from cracks in your sidewalk.


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