Accidents Happen! How to Remove Paint from Carpet

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Accidents happen, and if you need to remove latex paint that spilled on the carpet, there’s a home remedy that might work.

Listener Questions

Danny Lipford and Joe Truini
How to Get Paint out of Carpet

Brittany in Texas wants to know how she can get latex paint out of the carpet.

Tiling a Front Porch

Jean needs some help planning for tile on her concrete porch.

How to Repair an Uneven Floor

Lela in California moved into a home with uneven floors. Learn what may be causing this problem and how it can be remedied.

A Simple Way to Insulate Any Attic

Pam has a unique way of keeping the cold out using cardboard and A LOT of tape. Learn how she can winterize her home without creating a massive craft project every year.

Simple Solutions

Spray painting is made easy with a turntable.
Turntable Painting Tip

Spray-painting small parts is much easier with an inexpensive plastic turntable. Joe explains!

Get the most out of your nail apron
Get the Most Out of Your Nail Apron

Here are three ways to improve the simple cloth nail apron.

Best New Products

Delta Broadmoor bath faucet with pull-down spray wand
The pull-down spray wand is now available for bathroom sinks, too.
Pull-Down Sprayer on a Bathroom Faucet

If you dislike cleaning bathroom sinks, the  Broadmoor Bath Faucet from Delta may be just what you need!

Products Mentioned

Duck Brand


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