No-Harm Holiday Light Installation

Simple Solution:

Here’s a quick way to hang holiday lights on the outside of your home, without causing any damage with nails or screws. All you need are some adhesive-backed plastic mounting bases, which you can find at home centers and hardware stores; look for them in the electrical dept.

The bases are about 1/2-in.-sq. and each has four slots that accept cable ties, which are also called zip ties. Just clean the surface well, peel off the paper backing, and press the mounting base in place.

Now slide a cable tie through the slots, hold the light strand against the base, then snug up the cable tie to securely hold the lights in place. Install more mounting bases, spacing them no more than 2 ft. apart along the house and repeat the process to secure the light strand. The nice thing about this system is that at the end of the season, you just snip off the cable ties but leave the mounting bases in place and you can reuse them next year.


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