Multi-Job Reciprocating Saw

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Once you own a reciprocating saw you begin to discover how many jobs it’s great for and wonder how you lived without it. So if you’re in the market, this Ridgid Cordless Octane Reciprocating Saw is a great one to consider. Besides the fact that the brushless motor delivers over 50% more runtime and power, it has other really cool features. For example, You can turn the orbital action on or off depending on the material you’re cutting…. orbital cuts faster in wood while non-orbital is better for cutting metal. This open shoe design lets you see the work better when you’re cutting and if that’s not enough there’s an LED light that engages when you grip the tool, independent of the trigger. Plus there’s a built-in blower that pushes debris away from the cut line for even more increased visibility. And like all Ridgid tools, it includes a lifetime service agreement. You’ll pay a bit more than a basic saw but you’ll get a lot for your money. For more information log on to


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