Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sheets are Thin, Strong and Get the Job Done

Jodi Marks with best new product Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sheets
Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser Sheets can reach the toughest nooks and crannies on a variety of surfaces.

We all love when a company improves on a product that everyone knows and loves. That’s exactly what Mr. Clean has done with their new Magic Eraser Sheets.

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About Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sheets

They’ve captured the power of their popular Magic Eraser Block in a thin sheet to make cleaning hard-to-reach places easier.

They’re perfect for nooks and crannies, hard-to-reach corners, scrubbing greasy stovetops and tough stains in microwaves. And because they are flexible they make wiping up sticky messes easier than ever. It’s perfect for cleaning grime, grease, removes stains and hard water spots without having to worry about chemicals — only water!

Plus,  just like the original Magic Eraser block, all you do is add water before you scrub. So, if you’re facing small, but stubborn, messes these may be just what you need. 

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