Mower Selection

Selecting the right mower is an important decision. First consider the size of your yard… If you’re mowing less than half-an-acre a 20”-22” mower should do. From ½-an-acre to ¾-an-acre consider a 22”-inch model with a little more horsepower. If you have more than ¾-an-acre, it’s time to get yourself a lawn tractor or riding mower. When the property has lots of hills to contend with… a self-propelled mower will simplify the job. A yard with rougher terrain calls for a mower with higher wheels to help navigate bumps and dips. Then there’s the eternal question… To bag or not to bag? Mulching mowers return grass clippings to the lawn, which can help keep it healthy, but baggers not only pick up grass clippings… they’re also great for bagging fallen leaves. For a good compromise, consider a rear bagging model that can also function as a mulcher.


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