Make Room with the Husky Folding Workbench

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One of the most valuable accessories for a garage, basement or workshop is a good sturdy workbench. But space is almost always at a premium in these areas so homeowners need a space saving solution. The Husky Folding Workbench may just be it. This bench has a steel frame and hardwood top which allow it to handle heavy duty jobs. But by simply swinging the legs in it folds down to shrink its footprint by about a sixth of its original size. The legs glide inward on castors and the top lowers safely on a piston hinge. When you raise the top back to the working position, it can be locked in place. When it’s open, the hardwood top is 72 by 24 inches, so there’s plenty of room to work. The height of the bench is adjustable from 24 to 42 inches, so it can accommodate different sized workers and projects. If you have a lot of chores but not a lot of space, this may be the workbench for you. For more log on to


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